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    Bijou, is a real jewel which will adorn your living room to give a truly majestic feel / aura. Though royal in feel the design of Bijou is truly upmarket, chic and contemporary. 

    I am made of

    Upholstery - 100% Polyester
    Legs - brushed steel finish

    Caring for your sofa

    Since you know now, that I am made with a lot of love and care, so I hope my new home will, take care of me too. There is nothing to worry about as I am very simple to maintain. You can follow some of the below very easy instructions and make me your life long buddy.

    1. I am not an outdoor furniture, please keep me inside.

    2. I do not like sunshine too much, it may make me go tan or decolour my skin, so please donot exposure me to harsh sunlight or heat too much.

    3. Keep sharp objects away from me, if torn, I would need professional repair service.

    4. I will feel ticklish, but you can vacuum me regularly, it’s as good as me taking a bath.

    5. To keep my friends "cushions" fluffy and plump, you need to beat them, and yeah, I love to see this happen. So what you do is, take the cushions and fist and punch them from all sides, and once you are satisfied just drop them on the floor, which helps the air to enter the cushion and it will feel fluffy and comfortable and will retain its shape too.

    6. I love pooches & kitties, so they are most welcome in my territory but don't forget to vacuum me, once in a while to keep me lint free.

    7. Please help to maintain my looks by not spilling anything on me, but if you spill, DO NOT use any acidic / harsh detergents or cleaners on me. Please use any mild cleaner mixed with water. Also, please test in a corner which is not visible, before applying it on my face.

    8. Lastly, I deserve a SPA treatment once in a year, so do keep the number of a professional cleaner handy. They will also polish me if I have any wooden parts. This will maintain the gloss and sheen of the wooden parts. Its recommended that you get the wooden parts polished once in a year.  That's all for now....see you soon at your home, hmmmmm, our home.... :-)

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